Headlight/Tail light Replacement

Driving without full visibility from your headlights and tail lights could compromise your safety on the road. Inspecting your vehicle’s lights is part of our free maintenance check, and our technicians will replace any burned-out bulbs in minutes while you wait from the convenience of your car.

When you have a headlight or tail light go out, it may be tempting to continue driving with just one. But it’s simply not worth the risk.

Driving with burned-out bulbs is an easy way to get stuck in the dark—and get a traffic citation. More importantly, it’s unsafe to drive at night with impaired vision, and it could keep other drivers from noticing you as well. Thankfully, headlights and tail lights are easy to replace.

Find a Great Canadian Oil Change location near you and our technicians will replace your burned-out bulbs in about the same amount of time it takes for an oil change.

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