Battery Service

All batteries eventually lose their ability to hold a charge after a few years, and they can die without warning. Our battery service will test your battery for effectiveness, and if your vehicle needs a new battery in order to continue starting smoothly, we’ll replace it as needed.

Like most modern machines, your vehicle uses battery power. A sturdy battery typically lasts you up to 5 years, but you’ll need to keep an eye on it when you’re going on 3 years.

There’s no rocket science behind battery life—they simply lose their charge over time, as all batteries do. Unfortunately, your car’s battery won’t give you any warning signs when it’s about to fail, so a battery failure is often unexpected and inconvenient. Our battery service replacement test will give you an estimate on how much longer your car’s battery will last.

Find a Great Canadian Oil Change location near you and let our experienced technicians check your battery in about 15 minutes to see if it needs to be replaced.