Air Filter Replacements

Air filters are designed to trap dust, pollen, soot, and other unwanted particles so that your engine can circulate clean air. Once the filter becomes sufficiently dirty, your engine—and your fuel economy—bear the brunt of it. Changing it regularly helps your engine, and you, breathe easier.

Air filters (also known as engine intake filters) help keep your engine running smoothly.

Your engine needs air flow – clean air flow. It is important to keep dust and debris from getting to the engine. That’s the job of the air filter. But over time, the air filter gets clogged and dirty, and the air flow decreases. The solution? Simply replacing a dirty air filter with a clean one. A clean air filter will help prevent stress and wear on your vehicle’s internal engine parts, which can lead to improved performance.

How often should you change out your air filter? Generally every 20,000 kilometres or once a year. But that varies from vehicle to vehicle, and may be impacted by your driving conditions. For example, if you drive on dusty roads or in dense urban settings, you may need to replace it more frequently. A simple visual inspection is all that’s needed to tell if your air filter needs to be replaced.

Find a Great Canadian Oil Change location near you and we’ll inspect your air filter as part of our free maintenance check every time you purchase a full-service oil change.

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