Fleet Services Program


Great Canadian Oil Change (GCOC) understands the importance of fast, reliable service to help keep your fleet on the road. The GCOC Fleet Services Program, specifically deisgned for fleet customers, offers you the control and convenience you demand. Whether you’re managing five vehicles or one hundred; The GCOC Fleet Program can help keep your fleet moving forward.


Great Canadian Oil Change also offers discounts to the following organizations.

Company discounts

If you are interested in discounts for your company or organization please feel free to contact us at info@gcoc.ca


What is the GCOC Fleet Care Advantage?


The GCOC Fleet Program combines our commitment to worry-free preventative maintenance experience, the qualifications of our trained technicians, plus the following fleet-specific benefits that deliver a professional fleet management solution, based on manufacturers recommendations and our own 21 point full service oil and filter change.


No appointment neccessary and we get you in and out in an average of 15 minutes.


Purchase control

You maintain control of your fleet maintenance and expenses by specifying service restrictions and purchase limits. We also can call for Purchase Order numbers or to get approval from any designated company decision maker.

Secure Transactions

Verification of vehicle and driver prior to service helps to ensure secure transactions and reduce fraudulent expenditures.

Warranty approved

Get piece of mind with your services thanks to our warranty approved oil changes and qualified technicians. You know that your vehicles are being taken care of properly!

Multiple payment options

We offer many methods of payment for your fleet services including:

Company accounts with 30 day payable period

National Leasing Programs
If you have a national leasing program in place, this option can be a highly efficient way to track your expenses and help your employees maintain their vehicles at any of our Winnipeg and Winkler locations.

We accept the following national leasing accounts

Fleet Services

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