Jacob Hanuschuk

District Manager
Jacob has been with GCOC since Oct 20th 2004 and has been working on cars for 17 years. He has been with the company since the 1st store opened and has opened each location since. Because of his dedication and time with the company Jacob was recently honored with an award for his service.  He loves to spend time with his children, travelling, home renovations, music, electronics and anything automotive. Jacob likes working at GCOC because everyday is new, exciting, and different. Either a meeting with a customer, a new challenge, or interacting with staff. He explains that everyone that works at GCOC gets along making it feel more like a family, and that coming into work isn’t really a job.

“I enjoy working here so much I treat it like it’s my own and care for it the same way. My customers and staff are the most important thing to me”

David Spence

Assistant District Manager
David has worked for GCOC for the past ten years. He enjoys spending a lot of his free time outdoors whether it’s camping or spending time at the lake with his family. He explains that working for GCOC has taught him a lot of skills over the years which he is proud to pass on to new staff members.

“I really enjoy the fast paced environment, working with the public, and building relationships with customers.”

CJ Peredo

Manager, Portage Ave.
CJ has been working at Great Canadian Oil Change for four years and also has three years of experience as an automotive technician from Tech Voc High School. CJ likes to work on his 1994 Toyota Supra, go to car shows and go out cruising in his spare time. Over the year’s he’s had the opportunity to work on some very rare and cool cars ranging from muscle cars to imports and exotic cars, that’s why he likes working at GCOC, you’ll never know what will come through for services.

Jesse Board

Assistant Manager, Portage Ave
Jesse has been working with GCOC for five years and has been in the automotive industry for eight. He really enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding and playing video games. Jesse explains that he likes working for GCOC because it’s a great company with good benefits and the owners are very pleasant people to work for who care about their employees.

“I really like interacting with people all day long and helping them maintain their vehicles”

Carlos Aviles

Manager, Pembina Hwy.
Carlos has been working at Great Canadian Oil Change for two and half years. Outside of work he likes to hang out with friends and play volleyball. He really enjoys working at GCOC because of the friendly environment and awesome customers.

Marvin Domingo

Manager, Main Street
Marvin has been with Great Canadian Oil Change since 2012. He spends a lot of time with his family and likes to work on cars, especially his own. He says GCOC is a great company to work for because of the staff an customers.